Using video in inquiry -

Dan Meyers - Three Act Math
  1. Act One: Introduce the central conflict of your story/task clearly, visually, viscerally, using as few words as possible.
  2. Act Two: The protagonist/student overcomes obstacles, looks for resources, and develops new tools.
  3. Act Three: Resolve the conflict and set up a sequel/extension.

Example: Will It Go in the Hoop?
  1. Act One: Watch Video
  2. Act Two:
    • On Computer - Open Geogebra in Chrome Browser and click "file", "open" and open this file.
    • On iPad you could save this file in Dropbox."Open in" Geogebra app. Be sure to turn iPad on its side so that the Geogebra file has enough room width wise.
    • Move "k" slider to move line upwards, alter a, k and h to model the situation and answer the question "Will it go in the hoop?" and "what is the equation of your model?".
  3. Act Three: Watch Video

Vernier Video Physics

How to use Vernier Video Physics App from Jac Calder on Vimeo.