There are many ways to get files onto your iPad for use in class:

  1. Create a blog, wiki, website or edmodo classroom where you can post files and resources. Make a bookmark to this page on iPads. Example: download this file from this wiki page: , ,,
  2. --- login to on a computer and upload the files you want shared. Then log into the free Dropbox app on your iPad and open the files. Click on the file you want to open and then click the icon on top right. Select the app to open the file in (Geometers Sketchpad for example). See a shared dropbox folder here.
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Getting Files off your iPad:

  1. - save files to dropbox and then access them on a computer
  2. - save files and notes to evernote app and then access them on a computer
  3. DropITtoME - set up one of your dropbox folders to submit files. Here is an example: Go to: and use the drop password given in the webinar. Your file will go into one of my folders.

Types of Files you May Want to get On and Off iPads

Geometers Sketchpad

SMART Notebook


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